2023 STEM forms have been posted

The 2023 STEM forms have been posted to the site. You can find them under each of the different STEM sections at the top of the site. They should all be updated and say 2023 at the top. If you find a link that does not work or something that doesn’t seem correct please use the contact page and let me know about it.

It’s worth noting that there were not a lot of rule changes for 2023 with the exception of ABC. That got reworked and has hopefully simplified the project and made it more fun. The direction on the project has shifted to being able to tell a story and create that story in a physical space using interlocking bricks. This should be reflected in the rules, score sheet, and cover form.

Additionally, for Ag Mechanics exhibits that are larger than 5 feet which are eligible to be exhibited at the State Fair, they will need to contact the State 4-H office by August 24th. This is so we can ensure there is space for the exhibit outside of Centennial Hall.

If you have questions please let us know.

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