Building Block Engineering (BBE)

This page is your source for information about the Building Block Engineering (BBE) project, formerly known as ABC, including forms. This isn’t called Lego’s because there are many types of interlocking blocks on the market and youth can use what ever block type they have available.

Please note that for 2024 the rules for BBE are mostly just name changes. The focus still remains on telling a story and creating that story with interlocking bricks. In other words converting abstract thought into a physical environment that matches the thoughts. This encourages the development of both logical and abstract thinking as well as communication of these thoughts, all of which are important engineering and technology concepts.

At the Kansas State Fair, the use of kits is prohibited. This is so youth are judged on their abilities to create from scratch, a block environment instead of following someone else’s instructions. Which could potentially turn this division into a money competition in my personal opinion. (Have you looked at the price of sets? If someone can afford a really complex set that puts others at a disadvantage before the judging has even started. Without sets in the mix there is a more level playing field. )

State Fair Forms (2024)

**** Posters, Display Boards, & Notebooks, No additional exhibit information is required; no manila envelope is needed for these exhibits.  All other exhibits need the additional information included in a manila envelope. All other exhibits need the additional information included in a manila envelope. Displays, notebooks and posters have been combined into one score sheet for all divisions.

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