2024 Engineering Technology Packet Forms Posted

Hi Everyone,

The 2024 Engineering Technology packet forms have been posted on this site. They have not made it on the State 4-H website yet. We also haven’t got the judging sheets finished yet. They are close to done, once they have full approval from the state office we’ll get them posted.

Update 7-1-24: The score sheets have been posted a little over a week ago. They appear below the packet covers

This year we had a name change to more closely focus in on our core area of content which is engineering technology instead of the whole of Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM). Long story, but what you need to know is that’s the big change this year, it might look like tons of stuff changed but not much did change other than the name and some of the project names the most obvious one is ABC to BBE.

That said here are the 2024 packet covers for each of the areas:

Again once the score sheets for these areas are approved we will get them posted here as well.

You may have also noticed that Woodworking, Small Engines, Electrical, and Alternative Energy are also under ET. We have not made significant changes to these project areas for the current year.

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