Welcome to the Robotics portion of the Kansas 4-H Engineering Technology Website. Here you will find information about the Kansas ET Robotics Project including forms and other materials.

State Fair Forms (2024):

**** Posters, Display Boards, & Notebooks, No additional exhibit information is required; no manila envelope is needed for these exhibits.  All other exhibits need the additional information included in a manila envelope. All other exhibits need the additional information included in a manila envelope. Displays, notebooks and posters have been combined into one score sheet for all divisions.


Random Ideas for Robots

These are ideas for those advanced builders needing ideas for things they can create. There are no plans for these, it is entirely up to the builder to figure out how to figure out how to tackle these challenges.

  • How many robots does it take to change a light bulb? Consider creating a robot that changes a light bulb.
  • Create a robot that builds another robot or transforms its self. When robots are used in remote locations (such as space missions), they typically need a bit of assembly before they are ready to explore, an example is the Mars Lander, find out more here –
  • Build a robot that unpacks a box. The robot has been given a box who’s contents need put away. Find a way to take the contents from the box and place them where they need to be.
  • Design a robot that can pack items into a box. (How do you pack 7 cans of soup?)
  • Build a robot that empties a small trash can
  • Build a robot that folds paper airplanes (or does origami) from a sheet of paper
  • Create a robot that can launch paper airplanes
  • Find a way for a robot to navigate stairs (goes up or down them)
  • Have a robot make your bed
  • Build a robot that pours a glass of milk
  • Create a robot that can stir a pot of soup
  • Design a robot that can count the pages in a book
  • Make a robot that can find a Lego brick of a particular size, like a 2×4 brick. Extra difficulty if you can select a color too (like a red 1×2 brick).
  • Create a robot that can play a musical instrument
  • Design a robot that inflates a balloon and closes the end (keeps the air from coming out so you can remove it from the robot)
  • Develop a robot that can open a soda pop can by just being placed on top of the can. (The robot would need to find the tab to lift up on so it could open the can. )
  • Build a robot that sorts recyclables automatically (paper, plastics, steel cans, glass bottles, etc.) (hint: steel is the easiest because it’s typically magnetic, and glass tends to be the heaviest.)
  • Create a robot that ties or unties knots (tying a tie would be unique)
  • Build an intelligent robot, like the JetBot from NVIDIA

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