2019 Northeast Leadership Event – SpaceTech

Here are the materials that were to be presented at the 2019 Northeast Leadership Event (NELE). Due to weather the NELE was canceled. Enjoy the material below and should you have questions please use the contact us page or add a comment at the bottom of the page.

Each participant in the SpaceTech workshop would have participated in 3 projects geared toward developing stronger leadership skills in STEM programs. Had the session been held, participants would have received a kit with all the materials needed to create these projects. The projects that were planed were:

  • Fizzy Rockets
  • Straw Rockets
  • A Simple Altitude Tracker

Kit contents

Fizzy Rocket

1 – Foam Rocket Cover                                  Optional, or build a better performing rocket with paper

1 – Film Canister                                               https://1drnrd.me/FilmCanister

1 – Packet of Alka-Seltzer tablet(s)           https://1drnrd.me/seltzer


Straw Rocket

1 – Large Straw                                                 https://1drnrd.me/BigStraw

1 – Small Straw                                                  Just about any will work

3 – Mailing Labels                                             Use various sizes to experiment with flight

Altitude Tracker

1 – Large Straw                                                 https://1drnrd.me/BigStraw

1 – Protractor                                                    https://1drnrd.me/protractor

2 – Mailing Labels                                             Tape works as well, just needed to attach the straw

1 – String                                                             Any string will work

1 – Washer                                                         Used as a weight, any item that can keep the string tight works



Safety glasses are strongly recommended for the above projects.

1 – Pair Safety Glasses                                   https://1drnrd.me/glasses

Links to products are provided as examples and do not constitute endorsement of these products or sellers.

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https://1drnrd.me/protractor is not the same as https://1drnrd.me/Protractor

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