Kansas State Fair Judging Materials

Below you will find judging materials for the 2020 Virtual Kansas State Fair SpaceTech Exhibits.


Thank you for agreeing to judge STEM (Formerly SpaceTech) exhibits as part of the virtual Kansas State Fair. You should have received your login information from the State 4-H Office. Please make sure you can login to the Fair Entry system. If not please reply to the email you received and let us know.

Use the above judging sheets to evaluate exhibits. We ask that you download these to your desktop and open them in Adobe Acrobat Reader as most web browsers do not support filling out PDF forms. Instead of using the youths name on the forms we ask that you use the exhibit number whenever possible. This is a safety measure to protect youth. In the comments fields on the forms, we recommend using words like ‘you’ or ‘your’ instead of the child’s name.

Once you have completed judging an exhibit please save the score sheet with the exhibit number. You can do this by clicking the save option in the file menu in Adobe Acrobat Reader. When you are done judging all the exhibits for your division please email all completed score sheets back to Dona at the State 4-H Office. These will then be sent to youth. We also encourage you to use the comment sheet on the exhibit pages to provide feedback if you would like.

All entries in the STEM divisions were given clear expectations on what was to be submitted. You can find those expectations and the base packets here: https://www.engtech4ks.com/2020-kansas-state-fair-virtual-exhibit-packets/

Each division is slightly different Tony will communicate to you important notes for each division including things like burn bans and scale models, please refer to the email from Tony for information about those items.