2020 KSF – Best In Show

For the last 20 or so years the STEM division (Astronomy, Computer Systems, Robotics, Rocketry, and UAS) judges have had a tradition where while they judge they look for entries that are considered “Best In Show.” There are no defined rules that distinguish a rocket as “best in show,” it is entirely at the discretion of the judges. These best in show exhibits are not just purple award winning entries, but entries that exemplify the 4-H motto, “to make the best better.”

Normally these exhibits are placed in special case(s) at the Kansas State Fair (KSF) in Hutchinson. With the pandemic this year, that obviously didn’t happen. However exhibits were judged remotely and there were several that caught the judge’s eyes.

Since we are unable to put them special case we want to post them here so they get the recognition they have earned by being best in show at the Kansas State Fair this year. Additionally if you would like to see all of the Kansas State Fair results please visit the State Fair results page.

In no particular order the following are the 2020 Kansas State Fair STEM divisions best in show.

Daniel Rausch
Exhibitor: 337 Exhibit: 2285 Division: Rocketry

Adam Snowball
Exhibitor: 676 Exhibit: 1321 Division: Rocketry

Anthony Jelinek
Exhibitor: 1168 Exhibit: 2809 Division: Rocketry

Alex Whipple
Exhibitor: 1213 Exhibit: 2253 Division: Rocketry

Grace Bravi
Exhibitor: 1249 Exhibit: 2236 Division: Robotics

Clark Burgert
Exhibitor: 1452 Exhibit: 2634 Division: Robotics

Congratulations to all of the 2020 Kansas State Fair Exhibitors on your accomplishments. We hope you will all join us again for the 2021 Kansas State Fair.

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