Rocket launches and fire safety


This is a safety reminder about Kansas 4-H rocketry rules as they relate to fire bans in Kansas. While many parts of Kansas have recently experienced strong storms, we know that weather conditions can change rapidly, often in only a few days or weeks.  The 2020 Kansas State Fair rocketry rules state “if a fire burn ban is in effect for any county in Kansas, exhibitors in any Kansas county are not required to launch their rocket(s).  All requirements for the launching of rockets for the state fair and the documenting of the launching are suspended for the duration of the ban.” We advise all counties to always be cautious and use good judgment in planning and conducting county rocket launches, and consider cancelling them if dry conditions warrant. If you have comments or questions, please use the contact us page, or reach out to your local count extension office or the State 4-H office.

If you wouldn’t light a match and throw it on the ground you shouldn’t launch a rocket.

Stay safe with your rocketry endeavors.

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